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Transition Management

Changing fuel supplier can be a daunting prospect since this is a critical factor in your operations. Our proposal is to action such a transition in broad terms as follows:

  • Mobilise a site manager immediately – this would either be our permanent incumbent or temporary until our permanent personnel can be mobilised.
  • Run down the incumbent supplier’s stock to an agreed level
  • Tank cleanliness would be assessed so that the new clean diesel would not be compromised.
  • We would need to do a full audit of the facility and affect any repairs and or maintenance that would be necessary to ensure safe operation of the facility. For this task, we would engage a suitably qualified consultant.

Any transition and long term management plan for the facility shall be discussed and agreed to ensure the smooth running of the facility and continuous supply. The principle is that you should only see improvement in product and service without any interruption to security of supply of fuel.